Precision Ad Placement

Small Business Advertising

We can help with small business advertising. We are a small business and  have built our business through referrals and search engine advertising (Google adwords).  Small businesses like restaurants need help,  now more than ever, in getting your message out to potential customers. Do you deliver or offer curb side pick up? Do your existing customers and members of your local community know that? For a small one time fee, we can guide you through the process of setting up an Adwords account and sharing your message to your specific geographic audience on a pay-per-click basis. They search, they see your ad, and you don’t pay for the advertising unless they click. Perfect for advertising any type of small business. Feel free to email info@precisionadplacement.com or call us directly on 862-701-5508.

When a potential customer searches for our primary service (immigration advertising), we come up – usually number one! Try it (but PLEASE don’t click on the ad!) We do not pay until the potential customer clicks on our ad and is directed to our page – usually moving from a potential customer to an ACTUAL customer!

Again, please email info@precisionadplacement.com or call us directly on 862-701-5508.